Professional Financial Training

Financial Analysis & Modelling Using Excel

In the 21st Century, an Accountant role is to add strategic recommendations to the board rather than becoming a ‘number cruncher’. As a business manager, you want to look into the strategic planning area where you can add value to the company bottom line.

By analysing and interpreting the financial statement, and with the use of Microsoft Excel to prepare logical and easy-to-use financial models, the 2-days program will provide you with a pragmatic approach to enhance the company profitability. The course also includes instructions on how to write a useful, focused and impactful financial report that will aid the decision-making.

Financial Analysis & Report Writing

Understanding, analysing and interpreting financial statements constitutes a key basic skill required across all functions in all organization. Skills covered in the 2-day course are critical to all finance and non-finance professional. Financial analysis and forecasting is the core of all investment decision-making in producing realistic business results. The course also includes instructions on how to write a useful, focused and impactful financial report that will aid decision-making.

Finance Essentials For Executive

Accounting and finance may not be the primary focus of an employment, however, money is commonly the primary focus of a company to be financially healthy. It is everyone job within the company to assist in achieving the goal. The program covered in the 2-days course are crucial to all non-finance professional to equip them with the skill to understand and interpret the financial statement. This will enable them to make and justify business decisions without the assistance of people who hold financial roles within the company.

Financial Intelligence for Executive

Maximize productivity and profitability are crucial to company success. Nevertheless, many of our 21st century executives are not equipped with the financial intelligence to manage their own financial health and caused series of financial problem. In result, this demotivate the performance and productivity in the workplace. The program covered in the 2-day course will motivate and enhance the level of financial IQ when everyone become the ‘cash generator’ in assisting making better financial decision for the company and own personal development.

Activity Based Costing (ABC) & Management

Many organizations are facing the challenge to evaluate their product profitability. The traditional cost management systems derived from the financial side of the business, hence ignoring the non-financial drivers in measuring the company value and its product profitability. Today, with the application of Activity Based Costing and Management, the techniques will enable the breakdown of your cost, and proportionally assign them to the various business activities. These have accurately identify where the costs are being used to assist in minimizing costs, improving pricing structures and identify costly products and services for the customers. It has helped many organizations to determine a better business strategy.


‘The trainer relaying industry case study which is very useful in building the financial model. Overall it provides good and interesting training with sufficient interaction with trainer and trainees.’ Assistant Finance Manager, Brunei Telco

‘I likes the hands on part especially in drawing chart, pivot tables and waterfall chart.’ Assistant Finance Manager, Brunei Telco

‘The training provided the good opportunity to construct chart using Excel and how to evaluate a future business plan, and to compare company and industry performance. It will help in my management reporting.’ Finance Manager, Brunei Telco

‘The topics covered the objectives and the explanation by the trainer is simple and easy to understand.’ Group Finance Executive Officer, Government Finance Special Division

‘The trainer prepared the training materials in a step by step approach which is very easy to understand and to follow.’ Customer Management Manager, Electronic & Electrical MNC

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